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Matryoshka Doll 7 Pieces

Matryoshka Doll  7 Pieces
Matryoshka Doll  7 Pieces   
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Matryoshka Doll 7 Pieces


Legend Matryoshka Doll

There once was a carpenter virtuoso Russian named Sergei, who made his living carving the most beautiful wooden objects, musical instruments, toys ... Every week, faced the cold of the forest to get wood and build new objects. The morning that he had to leave to collect material, the entire field was found covered with a thick layer of snow. The night had been bloody, and the carpenter prayed that fortune has smiled. However, all the wood in its path was wet, and only served to warm the fire.

Dejected by fatigue, he decided to return home and try your luck the next day. He was about to turn around, he noticed a bulge protruding from a tree. As he approached, he saw that it was a splendid piece of wood, the most beautiful he had ever seen. Presto as lightning, he returned to his studio, but it took several days to decide what to carve. Finally decided and devised a beautiful doll.

It was so nice to keep it agreed not to sell but to keep him company. "I'll call Matrioska" said the inert figure. Each morning, rising only addressed his companion: "good morning, Matryoshka". One day, it said, "good morning, Serguei". The carpenter was shocked, but instead of being afraid, he was happy to have someone to talk to.

While the carpenter realized that Matrioska was sad and asked what was wrong. She replied she saw how everyone had a son or daughter, and she longed to have one. "I'll have to open up and you get wood, and that will be very painful," Sergei replied. To which she replied: "In life, the important things require little sacrifices." And without thinking twice, he carved a replica, smaller, and called Trioska. I no longer feel alone.

But the maternal instinct took over and Serguei Trioska also agreed that it also had a daughter. This time is called Oska. But Oska also wanted offspring. The carpenter was found that only timber within Oska, as much more could have a doll. Upon reflection, he carved a tiny doll, which he named as Ka-with whiskers, put him in the mirror and said, "you are a man you can not have children."

So got to Ka within Oska. A Oska within Trioska and Matrioska Trioska within. One day, mysteriously disappeared Matrioska with his family inside. Sergei was devastated.


Height: 19 cm
Number of toys including: 5 in 1

An exceptional gift for decoration at home or office or to stimulate intuition of early childhood.

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